Team Levels and Expectations





One of the main goals of our athletic program is to offer quality opportunities to as many student-athletes as is fiscally and realistically possible. Quality is emphasized. One component of quality is that good coaching is available at a coach to athlete ratio that is beneficial to the student-athlete and to the team as a whole. Time commitment and citizenship are required at all levels.

It is a privilege to be a Bronco.

Modified Sports

• Provide the student-athlete an opportunity to experience a new sport or to continue to develop sport specific skills.

• Allow the student to develop skills of time management, commitment, teamwork and leadership.

• Develop skills in a competitively safe environment considering factors such as physical size and skill development.

• Students are not “cut” based on skill, but there is an expectation of commitment to the program for at least 3 days per week.

• Quality playing time is an expectation. Quality does not always mean equal. Grades 7 and 8, or 7, 8 and 9 grades.

Freshman Sports

• Develop and refine basic skills and learn the rules of the sport. • Determine the student-athlete’s continued involvement in the sport • Provide playing time to all participants, at the coach’s discretion and in a manner that not only rewards skill level, but also commitment and worth ethic.

Team consists of mostly 9th graders with some highly skilled Middle School athletes.

Junior Varsity Sports

• Further develop skills of the athlete • Increase the intensity of competition

• Prepare the athlete for varsity level competition

• Place more emphasis on competitive success, but not to the extent of the varsity team

• Provide opportunities for playing time as game conditions merit.

The Junior Varsity consists of mostly sophomores and freshmen who have demonstrated the ability to start, or receive significant playing time. The Junior Varsity players must exhibit the requisite intellectual skills, proper attitude, physical conditioning, and sport specific skills that indicate potential to be a varsity performer over the next two years. In rare circumstances, a junior who shows potential to be a varsity starter or a key contributor as a senior may play Junior Varsity.

Varsity Sports

• Develop skills and physical conditioning of the athlete to his or her full potential

• Allow the talented athlete the chance to excel and prepare for college-level competition.

• Provide athletes with the opportunities to learn to set goals, to strive to achieve them as a team, and to serve as role models for younger athletes.

• One of the focuses of the program is to achieve competitive success, and with that said, notification will be given by the coach to the student-athlete and their parents regarding the athletes’ role on the team, including playing time.

The Varsity team will consist of primarily juniors and seniors, but freshmen and sophomores who have demonstrated the ability to be starters, or key contributors, also maybe members of the team. On occasion, a highly skilled middle school student may be brought up to this level. Juniors must show the potential to be varsity players over the next two years to be members of the team. The varsity player must show the mental skills, proper attitude, physical skills and sport-specific skills to be a starter or essential contributor to the success of the team.


The Special Olympics program offers students, who cannot be accommodated through the sport levels listed above, an opportunity to participate in interscholastic Athletics.


Regardless of the level, each year every player must demonstrate the skills and character needed to be a member of the Athletic Program for which he or she is trying out. NO players is guaranteed a position in the present year simply because he or she was a part of the program the previous year.

It is a privilege to be a Bronco.