The Bronxville School is committed to the pursuit of excellence in learning that focuses on the highest potential of every student at every stage of development.  In making this commitment, the Bronxville School recognizes that an excellent educational institution must offer students the opportunity to participate in an excellent athletic program.  Such a program must provide students with a variety of modified, junior varsity and varsity sports under the supervision of experienced, well trained and dedicated coaches.

Accordingly, students at the Bronxville School are encouraged to participate in team athletics and to develop and advance their athletic skills so that each student may achieve his or her highest potential in each sport at each stage of development.  Students are also encouraged to demonstrate a commitment to team work, good sportsmanship (including the ability to win or lose gracefully and to exhibit respect not only for one's team members, coaches and fans but also for one's opponents), and a winning attitude.  In identifying these goals, the School recognizes that coaches, as critical role models and mentors, play a key role in fostering the development of each student's athletic skills as well as their commitment to good sportsmanship and team values.

The Bronxville School also recognizes that in developing an excellent athletic program involving students with varying athletic abilities and with ages ranging from Middle School through High School, it is appropriate to emphasize somewhat different underlying goals for different developmental athletic levels.

At the modified sports level, the underlying goal of the athletic program should be to encourage the widest level of athletic participation possible so that each student at the School will be given the opportunity to participate in the sports of his or her choice without regard to competitive athletic ability.  In setting this goal for the modified level, the School recognizes that, given the wide range in developmental skills of students at the modified level, providing students with an open opportunity to participate in athletics is the most constructive and supportive way to foster the development of athletic skills and self esteem.

At the junior varsity and varsity levels, the underlying goal of the program, while still encouraging a broad level of participation, is the pursuit of athletic excellence on the part of each student athlete and on the part of each athletic team so that each student athlete may achieve his or her highest potential in each sport and so that each athletic team, as a whole, may demonstrate excellence in its respective sport.  A commitment to both good sportsmanship and team values are critical components of the program.  The success of each athletic team's program will be measured in part by the growth of each individual athlete and by the success of each athletic team over time.  Team results will be evaluated with reference to the strength of competition, the experience of players and the relative stage of program development.

Adopted by the Board of Education: December 14, 1998



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